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a practical guide to exploring consciousness ▼

Everybody is aware, but very few people are conscious.

Unknowing is a book about you: you who are reading these words, you who wonder what life is all about, you who love and worry, you the eternal mystery at the centre of your being. This book is about knowing yourself.

Self-knowledge comes when you learn to direct your attention inwardly, towards the source of consciousness, love and life within you. This consciousness lies behind thinking and feeling and is inaccessible to these forms of external knowing. To access the deeper parts of yourself requires a different process — unknowing — in which you learn to look at what is inside you without interpretation.

Unknowing is the antidote to the confusion of the mind, a practical guide to finding your way back to your authentic being: the real you behind the concepts.

  • A modern guide to wisdom through self knowledge
  • Exercises to deepen your ability to observe yourself inwardly
  • Clear, no-nonsense techniques to help you connect with the clarity of consciousness within you
  • How to find the stillness and space inside you and bring this into your everyday life
  • Suitable for anyone serious about finding the truth of themselves, love, truth and God.

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Latest Articles

Glitch in the Simulation

If the universe is a simulation, why can’t we notice any glitches? (Megan Duval, on Quora) TL;DR The actual, non-simulated universe is your immediate uninterpreted experience of now.The simulation is thought (i.e. your mental models; habitual, philosophical and scientific).The glitch in the simulation is your imagination, because it makes you think you are seeing things that you are not seeing...

Two books in the works

Mock-ups of the books I am working on. Titles and graphics Ⓒ K Watson. I am currently writing two books. The titles are provisional, but the basic premise of each is pretty clear to me. I started writing the first a few months ago but began to realise that I needed to separate the practical ‘how-to’ part off into its own work.  So now the first book focuses on the knowledge aspect of...

Who created God?

If God created man, who created God?—  originally answered on Quora God is not a created thing. God is the eternal presence, the ground from which all things arise. There is a parallel in physics that suggests empty space is teaming with particles that pop in and out of existence continuously. What was once thought of as nothing but empty space by its very being causes matter to come into...

On the Divinity of God

Do you know what the Divinity of God is?— Monique Shatae on Quora Yes. And I will try to explain. You look out at the world of objects and see their forms: sounds, shapes, sensations and so forth. You say that you are ‘sensing’ or ‘perceiving’ the objects. You, the observer, or pure subject are looking outwards towards a stream of sense data coming towards you. All the sense data — such as light...

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