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Keir has authored hundreds of essays and short, well-researched articles. He has written for Quillette, The United Nations University, La Monde & Phébè, as well as publishing extensively on several blogs. He is also a regular contributor on Quora. Several of his articles have received hundreds of thousands of shares on social media while others have been syndicated around the world and translated into French and Norwegian. Keir has written articles on the following topics:

  1. Philosophical — The Nature of Consciousness
  2. Scientific — Nutrition & Environmental
  3. Coding — CSS Grid
  4. Lifestyle —Gardening & DIY

1. Philosophical Writing

Keir’s main personal writing interest is focused on communicating his insights into the nature of consciousness. His writing draws on a 30 year personal journey of critically directed introspection. Unlike the writings of the typical spiritual genre Keir’s work is intensely practical without the expected flights of fantasy or appeal to belief. Indeed, Keir’s scientific background (he is a Head of Physics at a very successful English 6th Form) enables him to speak authoritatively on the philosophical limitations of scientific rationalism.

His central thesis is that the individual’s inner as well as outer experience must be understood objectively and taken into account before a correct formulation of the nature of reality can be arrived at.

Keir is currently writing a series of books on this ‘science of the subjective’. In the first, Unknowing he is aiming to provide a practical how-to guide so that the individual can learn to objectively evaluating their first-person experience. In First-Person Singularity keir will outline how including the facts of one’s inner experience when considering the nature of reality takes one to the heart of questions such as the structure of the universe, the meaning of knowledge, reality, consciousness and ultimately the nature of God.

Keir on Quora

Keir writes extensively on Quora mainly addressing philosophical, ethical and theological questions. He uses it as a platform to inspire his writing: having to respond to questions forces him to formulate his vision in new ways, helping him develop his writing as well as providing deeply insightful reflections for his readers.

This was very eloquent. I had a visceral response to this. Similar to when you take a deep breath and feel relief. Thank you for that.
N E, June 21, 2018 (Quora)

2. Scientific Writing

For the last ten years Keir has been studying the medical and research literature around diet and health, primarily to support his partner’s work as a Medical Nutritionist. Keir writes well-researched and referenced essays about nutrition, evolution and food politics primarily on Rosemary Cottage Clinic Blog

Essays On Nutrition, Evolution and Food Politics

Essay: What we can learn from the 20th century history of the Inuit (click to read)
Essay: Veganism, Extremism and Domestic Terrorism (click to read)
Essay: Dietary Guidelines are a Disaster: Here's Ten Principles to Fix Them (click to read)
Essay: Carbohydrates not Animal Fats Linked to Heart Disease Across 42 European Countries (click to read)
Essay: How Can Bitter Foods Be Good For Us When They Taste so Bad? Resolving the Paradox (click to read)
Essay: Salt and Cardiovascular Disease: Policy and Science Clash (click to read)
Essay: UK Vegetarians do not Live Longer than Meat Eaters Study Finds (click to read)
Essay: Did Cooked Tubers Drive Human Evolution? (click to read)
Essay: Why Were Ancient Teeth Healthier Than Ours? (click to read)

Syndicated Articles 

Link to Article in Quillette: The Case For Sustainable Meat (click to read)
Link to Article in UNU Our World: Home Growing Produces Ten Times the Food of Arable Farms (click to read)
United Nations University
Link to Article in LePoint: Soyez écolo, mangez de la viande ! - Article in French (click to read)
Le Point Magazine (French)
Le Point Phébè
Harvest Magazine (Norwegian)

Once again, things are not as simple as the ideologues claim
Jordan B Peterson, Aug 10, 2018 (Facebook)

Such a great article! Thank you so much. I feel like this provides a much more balanced perspective on the debate.
Trent Charles, April 5, 2018 (Quilette)

3. Web Design and Tech Writing

Keir is a self-taught front-end developer and has used these skills to produce several blogs and websites. He has had an article published on the website CSS-Tricks exploring an aspect of CSS coding.

Wow, nice job! What a great deep-dive into the confusing, technical aspects of grid..
Geoff Graham, Editor (CSS-Tricks)

4. Garden Design & DIY Writing

For over a decade, Keir been creating a private, formal garden at my home in West Sussex. His photo blog “An Englishman’s Garden Adventures” is a personal account of its development. Written in a magazine style with hundreds of his own photos. It includes articles on garden design, fruit training, reviews of historic gardens, vegetable growing, green-roof design, topiary, green-house design and growing, as well as basic how-to articles for beginners. He also provides design and construction details on the four garden buildings he has created, one with a living roof.

Gardening topics Keir has written about


I have spent hours researching fruit tree training, and this is the best step by step I have read so far!
Tiffany, Jan 20 2018 (Herbidacious)

Consciousness from the first person perspective

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