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Who created God?


If God created man, who created God?
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God is not a created thing. God is the eternal presence, the ground from which all things arise.

There is a parallel in physics that suggests empty space is teaming with particles that pop in and out of existence continuously. What was once thought of as nothing but empty space by its very being causes matter to come into existence. Empty space is considered to contain a huge amount of energy (zero point energy) but that energy is unavailable to liberate or use. Hence, a very potent nothing creates something. Space by its very presence creates stuff. The uncreated makes the created. Yet there is no necessity for the reverse to be true: for matter to necessarily create space.

Likewise with God. God is the pre-existent eternal being: the nothing behind everything. By the shear power of that presence, being or is-ness, all things are created every moment.And note: they we’re not ‘created’ in the past… that is a misunderstanding about the nature of God. God is the now-now, more present than anything in existence. God is continuously creating everything, now. Creation is now. It’s a present-tense, active, ongoing creation, not a past tense over-and done-with affair as implied by The Big Bang and Biblical stories.

So another reason that God cannot have a creator is because God is the permanent present. The world you see around you is only relatively now: It contains delay. It has a pause in it which we register as the speed of light, so we never see things as they are, but only their past image. The truth of a thing has no past in it, no delay. So to perceive the truth of a thing it would have to be zero distance from you (and by you, I mean the pure observer in you, not the body and thoughts you typically call yourself – they are created things too, because you can observe them) anything zero distance from you is you, the true you, the undifferentiated being within the subject, where subject and object disappear. That’s God. That’s the truth. It is the first cause, the now-now. Eternal. Nothing precedes or causes it because there is nothing more now than zero delay, zero distance.

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Consciousness from the first person perspective

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